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Diggii SAFE PAY Ecsrow provides a secure way to conduct transactions between Buyers & Sellers of Digital Service

Buyers & Sellers Protection

Diggii SAFE PAY Protects Buyers & Sellers Of Digital Services By Making Sure The Digital Service Is Delivered As Requested, On Time and The Digital Service Provider Is Properly Paid It!

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Create A Agreement Between You And The Buyer To Get Paid For Your Digital Service!

What Diggii SAFE PAY will do to PROTECT You!


Diggii SAFE PAY provides a worry free payment system for buyers of digital services. Buyer’s payments will be stored inside of Diggii SAFE PAY Escrow until The Buyer receives the requested service within the time frame stated in their agreement. If the Buyer doesn’t receive their service as stated in the agreement and can not come to a agreement with The Seller, The Buyer can File A Dispute. If it’s found that The Seller didn’t provide the requested service or it wasn’t delivered in the time frame stated in the agreement, The Buyer will receive a refund! 


Diggii SAFE PAY provides protection for Sellers when it comes to the deliver of their service and receiving their payment for it. Sellers can go straight to work after being Accepted knowing they will be paid for their digital service.  Buyers will have to store their payments inside of Diggii SAFE PAY Escrow when Accepting a Seller’s Proposal. Diggii SAFE PAY provides Sellers with the security of knowing The Buyer actually has the funds available and The Seller will get paid if the service is completed as stated in their agreement. If the Buyer doesn’t release payment to the seller by not marking the service completed & the Seller has provided the service as stated in their agreement, The Seller can File A Dispute and the payment will be released to the Seller.


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