This agreement states that all members who decide to monetize their videos or music by placing  third party ads on understand and agree to the following prior to placing their ad code on only suggest third party ad publishing companies so their members can monetize their music or videos such as Google Adsense . is not responsible for, as well as you agree that you understand will not be held accountable for the results of the ad code.

The results of your ad code will still be handled by the third party ad publishing company. Meaning is not responsible for the following:

1 The amount of clicks associated with the ad.

2. The amount of revenue generated by the ad.

3. The analytics associated with the ad.

4. The rules, guidelines and use of the ad.

5. Or anything else associated with the ad.

You understand and acknowledge that these are the responsibilities of the third party ad publishing company. You also agree that the third party ad publishing company will be held responsible for any problem experienced during the use of the ad.

You agree to not hold accountable for anything that happens related to the ad while using!

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