How It Work?

Diggii uses Smart Contracts to verify if the Digital Asset is Real or Conterfeit.

We use Non Fungible Tokens as Authentic Tokens

Each Authentic Token Contains:

The Creator & Royalty Agreement

The Owners of the Digital Asset

Terms Of Use

Dates of Publishing & Ownership

& Other Information To Authenticate & Protect the Digital Asset.

To Transfer Ownership You Simply Transfer The Authentic Token.

The Holder of the Authentic Token Now Owns The Digital Asset Based On The Creator’s Smart Contract.

Therefore Instead of sending the buyer a written contract, we’re sending them a smart contract which is a token.

How Does This Protect The Digital Asset?

Smart Contracts are contracts that contain public proof of ownership and dates which enables the creator/owner to take legal action against counterfeiters & theft.

The Creator or Owner has the ability to have counterfeits removed and take legal actions against those selling counterfeits

Why Use An Authentic Token?

It’s the fastest way to protect your digital assets in a world where digital content is being exchanged so quickly and it adds value to digital creation.